I was sceptical when Telltale announced their adaption of the Batman series. A team that had traditionally created character-driven choice based episodic adventure games couldn’t possibly make an immersive Batman game, especially after the Arkham trilogy. Yet, Telltale’s take on the Batman series uniquely combines the developer’s decision-making narrative formula with the gritty Gotham world and its characters.

Telltale’s Batman emphasises the role of the masked crusader’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne, as the player balances the life of the millionaire philanthropist with the crime-fighting hero. Every decision, narrative revelation and character in one life would inevitably show up in the other, bringing to life a big part of the Batman series that is so often ignored.

Voice acting fans will recognise the triple-A cast with veterans Laura Bailey, Troy Baker and the voice of Uncharted’s Sully, Richard McGonagle, involved. Dialogue is emotional, with almost perfect delivery. In dialogue, players choose from one of four options in a conversation, with prompts reminding you that “Lieutenant Gordon will remember that”. Facial expressions can be awkward at times while background images are two-dimensionally painted, contrasting the third-dimensional forefront environments.

Action sequences are expectedly quick-time events but capture the brutal strength of the Bat. You can play Batman as merciless or one who uses non-violent means, giving the illusion of choice.

Play it. For justice.