Julian Rizzo-Smith | Portfolio

A collection of my published and self-published works.


Julian Rizzo-Smith is a Sydney-based freelance multimedia journalist. He has written for SBS PopAsia, SBS SexualityStevivor, Hyper, Star Observer, Press Start Australia, PC PowerPlay, Twinfinite, Blitz and PC Tech & Authority. In 2017, he was nominated for The Lizzies award for Best New Journalist, celebrating a year and a half in the industry.

In late 2016, he interned at Next Media, producing videos during his time at the company and continuing on as a freelance writer. During his time at university studying a Bachelor of Media (Communications & Journalism) at UNSW, he contributed towards his university’s student-run media network, Blitz. He also wrote reviews and vox pops for Blitz’s fortnightly magazine, as well as produced and hosted two video game programs for Blitz radio – Ritz & Rawb and That Video Game Show.

Julian is always looking for more freelancing and podcasting opportunities,, including internships in the video and audio production fields of journalism, and full-time positions in games media.